Customer Interview with Espie Austria

Espie Austria is the assistant comptroller for the Squaxin Island Tribe in Shelton, Wash., one of the first 30 tribes in the nation to enter into the Self Governance Demonstration Project with the federal government. Now, the Tribe establishes its own priorities and budgets for funds previously administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Espie talked with us about being a Sage customer.

Q: What Sage products do you use?

A: We’ve been using Sage MIP Fund Accounting since 2002. The product is easy-to-use, and allows us to pull reports in a timely manner.

Q: How does Sage MIP Fund Accounting help with your business management processes?

A: Sage helps us with our audit trail; we’re able to get information quickly.

Q: What issues do you face in your day-to-day work?

A: We’ve received stimulus funding from the federal government, which means we have to pull a lot of reports in a timely manner. Sage MIP Fund Accounting helps us achieve this goal. We are dependent on submitting timely reports to the government.

Q: What do you expect from Sage?

A: We expect Sage to fill the gaps between our needs; to reduce our [administrative] processes; and to shorten the time it takes to produce reports.

Q: What does Sage do really well?

A: Sage has developed a really good product that is flexible and fits our needs.

Q: What could Sage do differently?

A: I’d like to see more web training being offered. When I come to Summit, I can’t go to all the sessions. It would be good if you had more online classes, because they’re cost-effective.


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