Customer Interview: GEI Consultants

GEI Consultants is a leading geotechnical consulting firm providing innovative solutions to complex geotechnical issues, with strong national presence in the environmental and water resources engineering consulting sectors. An employee-owned corporation founded in 1970, GEI has participated in over 25,000 projects in all 50 states, across Canada, and in more than 20 countries.

GEI previously used a payroll module from their ERP vendor.  When the ERP vendor stopped supporting their payroll, GEI made a switch to Sage Abra in 2001, and haven’t looked back:

Q: In your experience as a Sage customer, has anything really ‘wowed’ you, over the years?

A:  Our Sage Abra reseller, Dresser and Associates, is always there if we ever have a question or an issue.  We always get the answers we need quickly, and appreciate our relationship with them and with Sage.  Having that vendor interest is really important.

Q: What do you expect from Sage?

A:  What we’ve gotten:  a partner that helps us, provides assistance to employees to get what they need and help fulfill their obligations.

Q: Any memorable experiences with Sage?

A: When we first installed Sage Abra payroll, several people on staff were skeptics; they were convinced that Sage Abra wouldn’t be able to talk with our other software, and that we would be scrambling to make the first payroll.  Sage went the extra mile when we were getting set up- really, all the support we received during the set up was great, very instrumental in making it such a positive experience.  When we got that first payroll out on time, it was a huge victory!

Q: Anything else on customer service?

A:  Really, the customer support we receive, both from Sage and from Dresser and Associates, is absolutely amazing.  We are never left in the lurch, and always get what we need in a timely fashion.


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