Social CRM Session Highlights

Brent Leary presented Social CRM trends during his morning session at Sage Summit today. Brent is a CRM industry analyst, advisor, author and blogger. His presentation covered a variety of useful advice for small and mid-sized businesses looking to incorporate social media into their marketing and sales strategies.

Brent discussed a logical way to think about social networking: create compelling content that, through sharing, sparks conversations on the social Web – these conversations create friends, and some of these friendships over time can turn into meaningful business relationships based on common interests, needs and goals.

He also explained that communities – and how they openly share and benefit from information – are what drive Social CRM. These communities help give traditional CRM a Social LIFT – Lift being his acronym for Listening, Inspiring, Facilitating and Transforming. You participate in such activities to create and retain long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with customers, regardless of what social media tools or technologies you are using. (“Social networking isn’t about the technologies, it’s about people connecting and conversing.”)

Then Brent compared the Obama and McCain presidential campaigns’ uses of social media. The Obama campaign, as many are aware, exhibited the most thorough and innovative uses of social media. For example, Obama’s campaign officially made about 2,000 YouTube videos for sharing which encouraged an additional 442,000 citizen-generated You Tube videos. The campaign also developed an iPhone app which guided users to contact and influence their voting friends in the most heavily contested battleground states. And the rest, as they say, is history. Brent co-authored a book, Barack 2.0, with more specific details about how social media participation played a key role during the 2008 presidential voting season.

“If you want to improve customer experience, facilitate a great community experience” was the key theme resonating throughout Brent’s presentation. He talks about this and other social media concepts regularly on his Social CRM Blog and Sage will have a replay link from the live Webcast of today’s presentation available soon on the Sage SalesLogix Community at


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