Gupta Keynote: Women at the family’s healthcare “gatekeepers”

CNN senior medical correspondent for health and medicine, Sanjay Gupta, MD, delivered the keynote address at this morning’s Sage Summit breakfast. 

Sage customers packed the Georgia Ballroom at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta despite the early hour. The chief operating officer of Sage’s healthcare division, Lindy Benton, introduced the speaker. 

Dr. Gupta shared some of the lessons he’s learned in his dual surgeon-journalist career – the most significant of which, he said, is the importance of communication in the patient-doctor relationship.

 Dr. Gupta also talked about the relationship between our long-term health and the choices we make. He pointed out that America’s average dinner plate size – in a country where obesity is rampant – is twice that of the average dinner plate size in Japan. He suggested following the Japanese tradition of hara hachi bu – eating until 80% full and leaving 20% for hunger. He also suggested consuming 7 different colored foods each day – and said that jelly beans don’t count!

 Other suggestions from a man that was considered for the Surgeon General position:

  • The human body was made to move, and upper body training is important for health.
  • For a longer life, maintain a sense of purpose, or ikigai, as they call it in Okinawa.
  • Taking supplements? Vegetables are better. 

After the general session, Dr. Gupta met with some Sage physician customers and healthcare practice professionals for an exclusive small-group event.


Dr. Gupta


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